Supply Lists » 2024-2025 7th Grade Supply List

2024-2025 7th Grade Supply List

backpack Sturdy backpack without wheels notebook Red notebook (ELA) 
pencil Pencils  folder 2 red folders (ELA)
pen Pens  notebook Blue notebook (Math)
eraser Erasers folder blue 2 blue folders (Math) 
sharpener Sharpener calculator Scientific calculator (Optional) (Math)
postit Post-its binder 1” binder (Science)
highlighters Highlighters folder green 2 green folders
pencil Colored pencils notebook Yellow notebook (Social Studies)
paper Loose-leaf paper folder y 2 yellow folders (Social Studies)
Special subjects (Art, Music, Foreign language, technology) may require specific supplies that will be communicated by your child’s teacher. 

*Note your child may get additional supply requests from their teachers at the beginning of the school year.