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Dress Code/Uniform

Students are required to wear the following items:
6th Grade
  • Short or long sleeved collared white or green (solid color) shirt 
7th Grade
  • Short or long sleeved collared blue (solid color) shirt
8th Grade
  • Short or long sleeved collared black or gray (solid color) shirt
All Grades
  • Navy blue, black or khaki pants, shorts or skirts of appropriate lengths and weather permitting
  • Blue jeans may not be substituted for navy pants
  • Bleeker 185 spirit wear or gray, navy blue, white or black cardigans, sweaters or non-hooded sweatshirts only
  • Sneakers, dress shoes or boots (no open-toe shoes, flip flops or sandals are permitted)
  • Hats, outer garments and/or non-Bleeker hooded sweatshirts may not be worn in the building. These items must be secured in your child's coat room. 
Physical Education Uniform is required to be worn on P.E. days. They are available for purchase online at 
Please note that all uniform orders will be shipped to JHS 185 and distributed to your child. It may take a few weeks after you place your online order for it to be received by the school. 
P.E Uniform Prices
  • Bleeker T-Shirt: $9
  • Bleeker Shorts: $10
  • Bleeker Sweatpants: $18
  • Bleeker 1/4 Zip Sweatshirt: $20.25
  • Bleeker Full Zip Sweatshirt: $35
Prices are subject to change