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Student Government

Where SGA students make JHS 185 a great place to learn and grow!
What is SGA?
The Student Government Association at JHS 185 is a student-led group representing the interest of all students in the decision-making process. SGA's elected student representatives and general assembly members work with teachers and administrators to positively impact the school culture and environment through events, activities, fundraising, and student representation.
Who can participate in SGA?
The Student Government Association is made up of two groups: the elected council and the General Assembly. While any current JHS 185 student can participate in SGA and voice their opinions through the General Assembly, only elected representatives can vote on issues or bring matters to the SGA meetings.
Elected Representatives include:
  • Grade President (3)
  • Grade Vice President (3)
  • Class Representatives (one student from each class)
The General Assembly is made up of all JHS 185 students who sign up, come to the meetings, and participate in activities. 
How can I become an elected representative?
In order to officially represent the student body of JHS 185, you must meet the following requirements:
  • Maintain satisfactory grades
  • Exhibit our school-wide expectations daily
  • Positive discipline record with no suspensions or excessive disciplinary actions
  • Attend all SGA meetings