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6th Grade Team

welcome to 6th grade


We are very happy to have you begin your middle school years at Edward Bleeker Junior High School 185. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact your child’s teachers, Assistant Principal, Guidance Counselor or Dean of Discipline. We look forward to working together to make your child’s middle school years enjoyable and successful.
Assistant Principal

Ms. Heather Johnsen [email protected] 718-445-3232 Ext. 3221

Guidance Counselors

Ms. Chun Yao (Eunice) Wu [email protected] 718-445-3232 Ext. 3171

Ms. Vicky Kouzounas [email protected] 718-445-3232 Ext. 3191


Ms. Jessica Gennari [email protected] 718-445-3232 Ext. 3261